Truth…It’s called the free weight area

Modern gyms seem filled with every known contraption to mankind since the Spanish Inquisition. I call it the Noah’s Ark method of setting up a gym – just buy two of everything and pray that you have all the bases covered.

I have to be honest and say that most gyms, just like most supermarkets, are filled with complete crap that’s bad for you. Just like you should know to only shop the edges at the supermarket for all the good stuff, the same is pretty much true in the gym – you really only need things that aren’t bolted to the floor, and they’re generally kept in their own private area these days.

It’s called the free weight area.


from an article by Andrew Read

Truth 5.11.14

If you aren’t an athlete and you don’t compete, there simply isn’t any reason for you to be injured – ever.

Let me reiterate that once more just to highlight how important it is: If you are getting injured from working out, you are working out wrong.

Know This; Truth; When Coming Back From An Injury, You Have To Consciously Move On

by Poliquin™ Editorial Staff
5/8/2013 8:57:28 AM
When coming back from an injury, you have to make a conscious decision to move on. You have to tell yourself that you are not injured anymore and switch from conservative to trying to be awesome again, even though it’s scary.
Injuries often lead to altered movement patterns and other unfavorable variations in the messages that are sent from the brain to the muscles. Being in tune with your body means you will have a heightened connection between your brain and an injured limb. You may also experience decreased neuromuscular function, such as poor motor control and muscle activation.
Don’t let the fear of re-injury stymie efforts to reach peak performance levels again. When you are fully healed and cleared to train, make a conscious effort to move on from the injury.
Try performing visualization of yourself training when you were healthy and at your strongest and most powerful. In addition, set specific training goals to help you gauge your progress back to pre-injury status. You can be your best self again.
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